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Photographs are taken of all first prize winners at our shows with the permission of the owner/exhibitor. All efforts are made to ensure that each exhibit is photographed in a similar pose and no alterations are made to enhance the pictures in any way, other than the removal of dog leads and any extraneous background, ie legs, hands, cars, etc. 

If, for any reason, you are not happy with the photograph of your dog/bitch, please e-mail and I will remove it immediately.  Please note, we cannot accept photographs taken on another occasion, as this would not be a true representation of the dog on the day of the show. 

Championship Shows 

Open Show -  Spring

Open show - Summer 

9 November 2002
Dogs: Mrs J Stanley (Tegwel) 
Bitches: Mrs B Tunnicliffe (Dippersmoor)

12 April 2003
Dogs: Mr I Duxbury (Eskenvale)
Bitches: Mrs G Partridge (Rainelor)

2 August 2003
Dogs:  Mrs S Powell (Glensanda)
Bitches:  Mr D Smith (Clickham)

 8 November 2003
Dogs: Mrs S Harries (Mistmere) 
Bitches: Mrs K Jeffries  (Jefsfire)

 10 April 2004
Dogs: Mrs S Hickson (Dunbeck)
Bitches:  Mr P Bailey  (Beechwyre)

 7 August 2004 
Dogs: Mrs I Rule  (Bleatarn)
Bitches: Mrs P Parry  (Maydill)

13 November 2004
Dogs: Mrs B Peach (Rosdyke)
Bitches: Mrs B Thornley (Felthorn) 

  9 April 2005 
Dogs & Bitches:
Mrs P Bailey (Beechwyre)

 6 August 2005
Dogs: Mrs M Penwarne (Sheldamar)
Bitches: Mr D Rule (Bleatarn)

 12 November 2005
Dogs: Mrs K Shovelton (Dunbrae)
Bitches:  Miss Diane Bartholomew (Baishel)

8 April 2006
Dogs:  Mr R Davies (Ludjenka)
Bitches:  Mr D Moore (Shetlo)
Referee:  Mrs I Rule (Bleatarn)

  5 August 2006
Dogs:  Mr I Isdale (Viewdale)
Bitches:  Mrs M Crispin (Tracelyn)
Referee:  Mrs J Edwards (Castlerose)

  11 November 2006   
Dogs: Mr Ian Nixon (Japaro)
Bitches: Mrs Kay Hateley (Mohnesee)
Referee: Mrs Roni Thompson (Glencharm)

  14 April 2007 
Dogs:  Mrs C Mason (Kencriss)
Bitches:  Mrs S Giddings (Lysebourne)
Referee:  Mrs M Crispin (Tracelyn)

  4 August 2007
Dogs:  Dr Jane Hill (Molson)
Bitches:  Mrs S M Martin (Shelthorn)
Referee:  Mr D Rule (Bleatarn)

10 November 2007
Dogs: Mr Jack Bispham (Bridgedale)
Bitches: Mrs Margaret Norman (Francehill)
Referee:  Mrs Margaret Dobson (Doshell)

  12 April 2008  
Dogs: Mrs S Beeney (Coneypark)
Bitches: Mrs Shirley Davies (Ludjenka)
Referee:  Mr Ted Williams Heathlake)

  2 August 2008  
Dogs: Mr Peter Healey (Petanvale)
Bitches: Mrs Elaine Stowe (Arlanvic)
Referee:  Mrs Iris Rule (Bleatarn)

  8 November 2008  
Dogs: Mrs Denise Rowan (Rowancrest)
Bitches: Mrs Doreen Greenhill (Mohnesee)
Referee: Mrs Margaret Botham (Balidorn)

11 April 2009  
Dogs: Mrs T John (Ottaberry)
Bitches: Mr S Gruszka (Samphrey)
Referee: Mrs M Crispin (Tracelyn) 

1 August 2009  
Dogs: Mr D Russell (Tuffeigha)
Bitches: Mr C Waugh (Colimar)
Referee:  Mr D Rule (Bleatarn)

   22 November 2009  
Dogs:Miss Lyn Vidak (Lacewood)
Bitches: Mr Michael Ewing (Sommerville)
Referee: Mr T E Williams (Heathlake)

 10 April 2010   
Dogs: Mrs M McCourt (Conorvean)
Bitches: Mrs D Gruszka (Samphrey)
Referee: Mrs Iris Rule (Bleatarn)

7 August 2010  
Dogs: Mr D Jewell (Gemway)
Bitches: Mr J Scragg (Haralice)
Referee: Mr Ted Williams (Heathlake)

 13 November 2010    
Dogs: Mrs R Thompson (Glencharm)
Bitches: Mrs J Whitfield (Kimarg)
Referee: Mrs Margaret Botham (Balidorn)

 9 April 2011   
Dogs: Mrs Jane Edwards (Castlerose)
Bitches: Mr Keith Biswell (Goldwell)
Referee: Mrs Iris Rule (Bleatarn)

6 August 2011  
Dogs: Mr Alan Bendelow (Kimbering)
Bitches: Mrs Val Woolley (Valjon)
Referee: Mrs Jane Edwards (Castlerose)

 12 November 2011  
Dogs:  Mr T E Williams (Heathlake)
Bitches: Mrs G Partridge (Rainelor)
Referee: Mrs R Thompson (Glencharm)

  7 April 2012    
Dogs: Miss Simone Berry (Simcourt)
Bitches: Mrs Nina Rowlands (Paloalto)
Referee: Mrs Margaret Crispin-Evans (Tracelyn)

  4 August 2012    
Dogs: Mrs S Hirst (Sundark)
Bitches: Mrs N Naylor (Aniday)
Referee: Mr D Rule (Bleatarn)

10 November 2012   
Dogs:  Mrs J Ferris (Ferrimere)
Bitches: Mrs J Reynolds (Kelgrove)
Referee: Mr T Williams (Heathlake)

 13 April 2013     
Dogs: Mrs D Lockett (Cheryldene)
Bitches: Mrs M Bywater (Tachnamadra)
Referee: Mr T Williams (Heathlake)

3 August 2013     
Dogs: Mrs S Hickson (Dunbeck)
Bitches: Mr T Attwood (Terriwood)
Referee: Mrs M Crispin-Evans (Tracelyn)

  9 November 2013    
Dogs:  Mrs L Roberts (Malaroc)
Bitches: Mrs M Withers (Stanydale)
Referee: Mr T Williams (Heathlake)

  5 April 2014
Dogs & bitches: Mr B Gregory (Sportarton)


  2 August 2014     
Dogs: Miss S Roberts (Cressilo)
Bitches: Mr C Rule (Bleatarn)
Referee: Mr T Williams (Heathlake)

 23 November 2014    
Dogs:  Mrs P Rigby (Lythwood)
Bitches: Mrs M Lambert (Blenmerrow)
Referee: Mrs M Botham (Balidorn)

 11 April 2015  
Dogs & bitches: Miss Sharon Main (Shenachie)

1 August 2015   
Dogs & bitches: Mr S Proctor

 14 November 2015  
Dogs:  Mrs D Moore (Shetlo)
Bitches: Mr D Rigby (Lythwood)

2 April 2016
Dogs & bitches: Mr S Pierce (Philhope)


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